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Gearmotor 1.5 RPM - SHAFT 8.5 C/KENTA encoder

Gearmotor 1.5 RPM - SHAFT 8.5 C/KENTA encoder

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Kenta gearmotor for pellet stoves

Speed: 1.5rpm.

Lamellar pack: 30 mm.

Shaft Diameter: 8.5mm.

Direction of rotation: clockwise.

Rated torque: 30 Nm.

Model with encoder

Suitable for use in applications where low speed and high torque are required, the Kenta K9115003 gearmotor is specific for use as a rotor to power pellet stoves.

Series 911, nominal torque 30Nm, absorption 25Watt, speed 1.5rpm, clockwise rotation, shaft diameter 8.5mm, 30mm disc pack, power supply 220 V AC - 50/60Hz.

Equivalent Mellor FB1222 code. 14702015 - KENTA K9115001 - K9115002

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